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Please Read Before Ordering
Conditions of Sale and Limited Warranty: Rispens Seeds, Inc., warrants that seeds sold have been labeled as required under State and Federal Seed Laws and that they conform to the label description.

No other warranty, express or implied, including without limitation any implied warranty of merchantability, performance of the crop, fitness for a particular purpose is made by the seller. In any event its liability for breach of warranty, or contract, or negligence, with respect to such seed is limited to the purchase price of the seed.

Rispens Seeds, Inc. shall in no event be liable for any consequential damages sustained by the buyer or any other person. It is expressly agreed that the sellers liability to the buyers or others for any loss (whether such loss results from the breach of warranty, or contract, or negligence) shall be limited solely to the amount of the purchase price of the seed.

These warranties and limitations of liability of Rispens Seeds, Inc. may not be altered or amended except by a written instrument signed by Rispens Seeds, Inc. By accepting the seeds, the buyer acknowledges that the above limitations and disclaimers are the conditions of the sale and constitute the entire agreement between the parties. NOTE: Any claims or problems due to defects, or any other factors resulting from the use of Rispens Seeds, Inc. seeds must be presented to Rispens Seeds, Inc. within a reasonable period after discovery (not to exceed 30 days). Seeds not accepted on the above terms and conditions may be returned to the seller in unopened containers within 10 days.

In the event of any dispute involving this seed, the following shall apply: Rules of the American Arbitration Association.

Definitions of descriptive terms used in this catalog are listed on the link above.

All orders are subject to approval through Beecher office.

All seed will be shipped after payment has been received, either with order or prior to delivery, unless credit has been established. A $5.00 handling charge will be added to customer orders when the order total is less than $50.00.

APPROVED CREDIT: Credit is a valuable asset for each of us that are in business. Rispens Seeds, Inc. will extend credit only after application is received and approved. The credit line will be reviewed when payment is past due. Terms will be for cash only until future credit is re-established.

Our terms to customers with established credit (unless other terms stated) are August 15th net on seed shipped between January and July 1.

All orders placed up to March 1 carry a 2% cash discount. No discount on orders under $50.00. No cash discount on VISA/MasterCard/Discover orders. Please, no C.O.D.’s.


Use your credit card for mail or telephone orders before delivery only. MasterCard, VISA or Discover accepted. Please indicate which card you wish to use and furnish complete card number and expiration date.

A finance charge of 1.5% per month will be calculated and applied to balances over 30 days past due. This is the equivalent of 18% per annum.

Seed prices are subject to change without notice.

RETURNED MERCHANDISE: Rispens Seeds, Inc. will not accept the return of any seeds or goods without proper authorization in writing from the shipping location. All returns are subject to a 10% restocking charge. Unauthorized returns will be refused and sent back at the customer’s expense.

FREIGHT: All seeds shipped are F.O.B. Beecher, Illinois. We reserve the right to ship the most economical method, with normal shipments being sent either via Rispens Truck, UPS, parcel post or Motor Freight. Notice: UPS Chart with rates and zones listed on the link above.